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5 reasons you should travel to Madeira


If you’re wondering what the archipelago island of Madeira has to boast about (other than being the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo), you’ve opened the right article.

Incredible views of Madeira

Again, we’re not talking about Ronaldo (sorry). We’re lusting over the insanely beautiful scenery from the top of Madeira’s highest point, Pico Ruivo, the picturesque fishing village of Câmara de Lobos, and the enchanting waterfalls of Levada das 25 fontes.

Savoy Palace Hotel

We’re not just highlighting Savoy Palace because it’s hosting M&I Private Europe Spring in June 2020 – honest!

This luxurious, modern hotel is a big deal for the island and a MICE event planner’s dream. It’s just a short walk from the capital city of Funchal’s charming Old Town. With 352 luxury rooms & suites, outstanding conference spaces and an impressive spa, Savoy Palace is definitely a property worth falling for.

Who knows, maybe Ronaldo has stayed there!

The wineeeeee

Is there even any point in going to an island named after a beverage if you don’t sample the local tipple? No wait, maybe the wine is named after the island? Either way, wine.

And cake.

The Madeira climate

It may be part of Europe, but Madeira is actually very close to North Africa, which means it enjoys subtropical temperatures for most of the year. That makes it the perfect location for holidays, weddings and, of course, MICE events (because no one likes doing business in grey, wet weather, right?).  

Even throughout January, the island’s coldest month, you can look forward to temperatures of 17 degrees!

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Savoy Palace Hotel, Madeira Portugal

Madeira outdoor activities

Getting in touch with nature is a good feeling but experiencing the great outdoors on one of the world’s most beautiful islands is infinitely better!

Madeira’s outdoor activities are perfect for everyone from small groups on team-building exercises to larger groups on incentive travel trips. From cliff jumping and mountain climbing to bike tours and hiking trails, Madeira activities are not to be missed!

MICE events in Europe are waiting for you

So, if stunning views, luxurious hotels, fresh air and local wines float your boat, you should probably join us in Madeira for M&I Private Europe Spring from 1 - 4 June 2020. You can look forward to all of the above, plus plenty of networking with global suppliers from boutique hotels and properties of character.

We can’t promise you’ll see Ronaldo though…unless you do see him, then we totally planned it.