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How AI technology is changing the face of MICE events


In this day and age, technology is everywhere – you might not even realise you’re using it.

Take this article for example; you’re using either a mobile device or a computer to read it, you’ve connected to the internet, checked into your favourite social network or completed a quick online search just to arrive at these words. Quite the far cry from the days of simply opening a book, eh?

But technology isn’t just a new way of getting things done, it’s the evolution of humans. After all, behind every great advance in tech is an even greater mind that came up with it in the first place. Thanks to technology, we’re able to reach loved ones in seconds, even when they’re on the other side of the world, listen to our babies’ heartbeats before they’ve been born, and print objects instead of paper. We’re constantly discovering new and ever-more exciting means of reaching beyond our limits.

At M&I Forums, we believe in using technology to give our buyers and suppliers the best possible experience. Connecting people is what we do best and it’s precisely this passion for human-to-human connection that fuels us to innovate.

So, what exactly do we mean by ‘technology’ at our Forums?

We know that our delegates expect three things:

1. To make fantastic new business relationships
2. To have fun while making them
3. To save months of precious time

Our itinerary of 1-2-1 meetings, exciting social activities and dynamic networking sessions are guaranteed to provide all of the above, but as part of our mission to bring you the next generation of MICE tradeshows, we know the M&I experience needs to go one step further. That’s why we’ve introduced artificial intelligence technology into all our Forums from April 2020. It’s the first time AI and machine learning have been used to power buyer and supplier matchmaking at a MICE event.

But how does this technology work?

Our pioneering matchmaking technology will get to know you and your individual requirements before matching you with the most relevant people to meet with. It works in the same way as services like Netflix or Amazon – the technology gets to know what you’re looking for and then recommends what it thinks will benefit you. Simple, huh?

Once your top matches have been suggested, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to meet with them; the control is entirely in your hands.

Artificial intelligence for real human connections

For us, terms like B2B and B2C are a little outdated. We like to think that humans should be seen as…well, humans. This is what we call human-to-human (H2H) and it’s promoted at every single event we create.

Gone are the days of searching through hundreds of delegate profiles to find high-quality meetings. Save even more of your precious time and receive top matches in minutes, so you can get back to doing what you do best!

Welcome to the next generation of MICE tradeshows. Welcome to M&I Forums.